XMPP and Email Services live


Hey all,

The email service for @fossgalaxy.com email addresses is now live. The services use our FreeIPA server behind the scenes for authentication - so you can use your FreeIPA username and password for the services. Your address is your username @fossgalaxy.com If you would like an email alias for another name let me know and I’ll manually add them to the server.

Features for E-Mail

  • Webmail using Rainloop
  • SMTP/IMAP over SLS (StartTLS) - I’ve also added autoconfigure rules so thunderbird and any client that uses thunderbird’s autodetect format will be able to find. There are also SRV records for clients that support that
  • Sieve support for email filtering (works with this extention).
  • ~1Gib quota per email account

IMAP: mail.fossgalaxy.com (port 143 - StartTLS required)
SMTP: mail.fossgalaxy.com (Port 587 - StartTLS required)

Features for XMPP

  • Prosody (Jabber \o/)
    • XEPs supported by Converstations/Gajim enabled
      • XEP-0163 - PEP (Avatars/OMEMO)
      • XEP-0191 - Blocking Command
      • XEP-0198 - Steam Management
      • XEP-0237 - Roster Versioning
      • XEP-0280 - Message Carbons
      • XEP-0313 - MAM
      • XEP-0352 - Client Side Indication
      • XEP-0363 - HTTP File Upload (1MiB limit per file)
    • Group chat (muc.fossgalaxy.com)
    • Proxy for people behind NATs to use file transfer (requires @fossgalaxy.comp address)
    • Federation to other XMPP servers that use TLS :slight_smile:
  • Web Client (BOSH)
  • Web Cleint (Web Sockets)

If there are any additional features you’d like enabled or you have problems using the service, let me know.

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