What goes here


You can use this category to ask programming questions. When people reply you’ll be able to mark the post as solved. It’s like stack overflow only forumy!

Posting your question in here helps others find it and find the solutions they are after :slight_smile:

What’s on topic?

  • General programming questions
  • Linux (epically Fedora and Ubuntu) questions
  • FOSS Galaxy applications/websites

What might be better elsewhere

:bug: Bug reports

If you find a bug with one of our projects, please report it on the project’s Gitlab project as it’s easier for the maintainers to track bugs if they are all in one place :bug:

What’s the best ‘x’ posts

Questions like this are often subjective, if you want to talk about your favourite language/library/IDE/cat breed/etc… please post it in the general chat category :).

Questions about IDE features (eg, how do I do a merge request using pycharm) are perfectly fine here though :smile:

:speech_balloon: General Chat

General discussion posts are better served in the general or open source categories - if you post discussion topics in here the forum will want you to mark someone’s post as a solution - which doesn’t make much sense :confused:.