Updates for November 2016


Good afternoon,

We’ve had quite a bit go-on recently - so I’d thought I’d update everyone.

New gitlab-ci builder

We’ve got a new Gitlab CI builder, sticking with the cat theme this one is called moggy. It’s a docker based runner on a new hosting provider that we’re testing. When you submit CI jobs they will be executed by this runner. I have tested it and it is building the projects correctly but if you notice any problems let me know.

IRC Bot Deployed on Servers

Bruce’s new IRC bot has been deployed in #fossgalaxy on freenode. An automated build is on docker hub.

FOSSLab Pages

So, on Github you can deploy pages for projects and people. Until recently this was not possible via our Gitlab server. This is no longer the case - we now have support for hosted webpages!

Some examples include:

This is accomplished using the fantastic Gitlab CE pages project. If you would like more information on how to do this have a look at .gitlab-ci.yml files in the above repos and the readme in the repo for my homepage.

Repositories will be published at pages.fossgalaxy.com/username/project if the project is called ‘homepage’ it will also show up on username.fosslab.uk (ie. for me webpigeon.fosslab.uk). We have support for custom redirects so we can also redirect other urls for you if you would like them :slight_smile:

Parent POM for FOSSGalaxy projects

If you’ve used maven then you’ve probably got a set of settings which you’d like to use in every project. If your project is hosted on our Gitlab we’ve got you covered! By using our parent pom your project will be in good order for submitted to maven central and our sonarqube server.

For more details see our parent pom gitlab repo.

Parameter sweep library

Piers’ parameter sweep library is now available in maven central, you can find the source in the Parameter sweep gitlab repo and the co-ordinates on maven central.

If there is anything else I’ve forgotten or you’d like to show off something you’re working on - put it in the comments :slight_smile:


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