Recent news and updates


Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these update posts - here are some of the things that have been happening recently. A whole bunch has happened - especially around Gitlab and services related to it which I won’t be covering here (mostly because it could use its own post).

New Subreddit

We’ve got a new subreddit - the old one (/r/unitycoders) is getting attentions from the Unity3D folks, and we forgot to migrate it to the new name. Thanks to Bruce, we’ve now got a shiny new one under the correct name.

Our new subreddit is located at /r/fossgalaxy. It’s using temporary artwork at the moment, but we’ll look at getting that resolved soon.

Live Streaming problems

In other news the live stream platform we use for our coding streams has Gone a bit bonkers and is planning to start charging viewers to watch the live streams. This decision is a bit silly considering what we (mostly WebPigeon) use it for (writing code for our FOSS projects and talking about it). As a result, we’re looking at either YouTube Live or Twitch for the streams in future - if anyone has any preference let me know.

Dedicated Server

You may have noticed some improvements in response times for our git server recently. This improvement is because we’ve now got a dedicated server which is hosting some of our projects. Most of the Docker containers are still running on Hammer, but I will be transferring these soon.

The dedicated server is also hosting a FreeIPA server which means an end to having to remember lots of different passwords for FOSS Galaxy services. At the moment accounts are being created as needed but if you’d like one created let me know and I’ll arrange it.


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