Interesting podcasts


I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently, on my commutes (when the bluetooth in my car feels like working :confused:) and I thought I’d make a list for people that might be interested.

Free Software

Bad Voltage

Bad Voltage is Jono and Aq from the infamous lug radio and Shot of Jaq, and Jeremy Garcia, the founder of Linux Questions. Not all topics are FOSS related but they tend to be interesting.

Late Night Linux

Late Night Linux is a Linux-focused podcast which is presented by a group of 4 presenters. It’s a good listen as a source of Linux-related news.

Ubuntu Podcast

The ubuntu podcast is probably one of the older Linux podcasts around, originally the Ubuntu UK podcast it’s quite focused around Ubuntu but I enjoy listening to it.

Free as in Freedom

Doesn’t seem to be updated anymore, but I’ve been listening to the back-catalogue, focuses more on the legal side of FOSS and is quite interesting to listen to.

Fedora Podcast

This one is still relatively new, and they seem to still be finding their feet. The podcast features interviews with members of the Fedora community talking about their roles within the project.

Python Related

All three of these were recommended to me at OggCamp, I’ve been listening to them for almost a year now and they are quite informative.

Talk python to me

Talk python to me is an interview-style podcast which features interviews with members of the python community and it’s quite interesting to hear people talk about their projects. Seems like a good podcast to listen to if you want to know what people are working on in python.

Python Bytes

Python bytes is more in the style of the FOSS podcasts mentioned above, with sections for news, etc… It has one of the same presenters from talk python to me and is quite an interesting listen. Some of the topics do tend to be repeated.

Podcast __init__

Podcast init episodes are interviews with people who are involved in python projects. These are mostly question/answer interview format which features people talking about their projects. The episodes often ask the people being interviewed about how they got started with python and talk about what they do with python.

Radio 4 podcasts

These are shows on Radio 4 which are put out in podcast format. They are more general science than programming but are quite good for listening to on the way home.

More or Less: Behind the Stats

This programme takes a look at stats that are reported and tries to get to how they are produced.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Features Brian Cox, has a comedy angle and features a discussion around science related topics. The shows tend to be a mixture of humour and knowledge.

The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

I found this show as it was mentioned on one of the other podcasts I listen to. This show looks into questions posed by listeners. They tend to be quite short and are easy to listen to.

What podcasts do you like listening to? Are there any more that I should add to my list? :smile: