Hanabi Competition Results



The Hanabi competition for CIG 2018 is now over, the results where presented at the conference and the winners have been notified.

The results will be published on the website soon, but in the mean tile the results are as follows:

Mixed Games

Agent Score
Monte Carlo Opp NN 13.24
NYU Game Lab 12.85
thunder 5.12
random 5.09
sample 5.07

Mirror Games

Agent Score
Monte Carlo NN 20.573
NYU Game Lab 17.523
thunder 14.887
random 1.293
sample 1.266

Thank you to the entrants for playing Hanabi with us on the last day of the conference and we look forward to running next year’s competition.

Changes for 2019

  • Introduction of the learning track
  • Increase in per move time budget (40 ms increasing to 1 second)
  • Code clean-up based on feedback from year