Forum updated to beta branch


To fix some bugs, I’ve updated the forum to the “beta” branch. This means it’s also gotten a little shinier. In a related note, the discobot interactive tutorial will now work again - it was broken as emojis and mentions were not working in PMs, both of which are required for the tutorial.


Hack Day 2017

Myself and Elena took part in the global hack day, we developed a Django based web app that allows users to give their opinions. Not bad for 12 hours work :slight_smile:.

Automark on Gitlab

Our LaTeX mail merge script, automark is now available on our Gitlab Server. For the time being it’s tagged as internal so you’ll need to be logged in to see it. It’s fairly simplistic and could do with a few refinements but it’s good enough to use :smile_cat: .

It’s called automark because it was originally developed for converting a spreadsheet into feedback forms for students. It wouldn’t take too much to make it into a more general purpose tool if someone would be interested in doing that.


It only my university gave any useful feedback for any of the assignments I did!


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