101 Projects on Gitlab Server



Hi Everyone.

Just a quick note to say we’ve now got 101 projects on our Gitlab Server :tada:. It’s awesome to see all the wonderful projects :smile_cat:.


It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post. So here are some updates:

Maven Parent POM Update

I’ve also pushed an update to central the Parent POM (thanks @solar-1992). If you’re using the parent pom in a project, you might want to consider updating it to 0.4 to get Java 9 support.

Comet Security Settings

I’ve recently changed the secret key used by Comet. This means if you have an outstanding password reset request you’ll need to request it. If there is something which is no longer working please let me know :).

Update Calendar

I’ve created a Calendar to keep track of when updates happen. Most of them are run as cronjobs. It doesn’t include emergency updates (such as urgent security updates for Gitlab) but I’ll update it with anything scheduled.

Comet Bootstrap 4 Update

The updated version of Comet based on Bootstrap 4 is live. This version includes the ability to report that a submission is by a student, for competitions that are elegiable for IEEE prizes.

Bootstrap 4 theme

On the theme of Bootstrap 4, we’ve now got a customised Bootstrap theme which matches our Beamer theme. I’m not a designer, so if there are improvements changes to be made, go ahead :slight_smile: - It’s being used anywhere we have Bootstrap 4 deployed to give everything a consistent look :slight_smile: .